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Readings - Things I readed

This are notes about things I have read, hoping that the comentaries about them could be useful to someone. I also like to have a registry of them, so here it is.

comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)

This is a list of questions and answers about the C language.

It is very complete and can be downloaded from the Internet in this address: http://c-faq.com/.

It is 111 pages in letter size.

I have readed it completely and I really recommend it for everyone learning the C language, have them questions or not, since seeing the questions and answers you learn a lot about the C language that many doesn't know and are useful. After reading it, is useful as a guide for various questions that one can have.

I have readed it in English language, I don't know if there are translations.

I have started to read it the 11.jan.1998 and ended to read it in 7.oct.1998.

The version was of 5.sep.1996.

The Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide or the Linux Users Guide

I don't remember which one I readed... I need to check out... But very much recommended the two.

I think they are from the Linux Documentation Project.

They are in English and also Spanish language thanks to the LuCAS project.

Linux Filesystem Standard (FSSTND)

It talks about the different directories in the GNU/Linux operating system. Explains the purpose of the directories, where to install some files, etc. Today this document has been obsoleted by the new FHS, see below.

The version I had read was the 1.2 I think.

The Linux Kernel Guide

This guide talks about how the Linux kernel works. It is suggested some notions about the C language but it is not absolutely necessary to be too much knowledgeable about the language to understand and take som profit from this guide. It is very good because it helps to understand some things about Linux, Unix and a bit about the inner workings of computers.

The version I readed was dated 21.mar.1998 and it was about the 2.0.33 version of the kernel.

I started to read it aproximately in dec.1998 and ended aproximately in apr.1999.

I think it is part of the Linux Documentation Project, I don't know if there are translations.

It is 207 pages size A4 long.

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

It talks about the different directories, their purpose, etc., in a Unix operating system. What it tries to do is to standarize this. I think this document is a must read for any administrator or coder.

The version I readed was the 2.0 in jul.1999.

I don't know if there are translations.

The latest version can be found in http://www.pathname.com/fhs/.

Linux Network Administration Guide

Well, as the title says, it talks about how networks are administrated with Linux. It is very complete and talks about a lot of things like the configuration of the DNS, WEB servers, TCP/IP, email, etc. It does not only cover the Linux aspects, but also explains the protocols and various other concepts about networks.

I started to read it in jun.1999, but I haven't finished it yet, possibly because I don't like very much the networking and administration topics and not because of the book's fault.

It is part of the Linux Documentation Project and it is translated to Spanish by the LuCAS project.

I am reading the Spanish version 1.0 of 1.jun.1999, which it is based in the 1.0 version of the original in English dated in 1994.

It is 336 A4 pages long.

Last update: 3 August 1999.